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The Establishment of Diyala University, comes for an urgent need to establish this scientific center firstly to accommodate the momentum students at the universities of Baghdad in mainly basis. Secondly, to supplement the scientific and cultural march and to accommodate with the increase in the number of students in addition to a plan to join the students from neighboring provinces and other outlying provinces firstly and the Arab students secondly . The importance of the city of Baquba as a center of expansion near of Baghdad made it a major focus of attracting business and population, which required the establishment of scientific and academic center meeting the requirements of future development.

 Ambitious plans :

The University  is plan to develop the colleges .  Despite its youth, the average of development the colleges is two in the year, In the future colleges and the Department of Economics and Political Science, computers and languages and literature and fine arts and pharmacy will be create .  The studies and designs in the  future will be ready  by the consulting engineering of the University and within the main location of the University and has already been initiating many of them.

 The Establishment:

Diyala University was founded in 18/9/1999 and it is consider one of the universities as a medium-sized design capacity of up after the completion of the establishment of service to all its 12,000 students.  It is consider the most important scientific and cultural center specializing in the province, The college of engineering  and college of education and basic education are the first colleges before the establishment of the university.

The nine Colleges of the University being with humanitarian and scientific specializations:

College of Basic Education.  

College of Education \ Al – Asmaei .    

College of Engineering.   

 College of Sport  Education.   

 College of Science.   

 College of Law.   

 College of Veterinary Medicine.    

College of Medicine.   

 College of Agriculture.   

 College of Education \ Al – Raazi    

 College of Islamic Sciences

The university has a number of Units , Advisory and Research centers, such as:

The Consulting Engineering  Office of the University.     

Scientific Office of the University

Internet and Computer Center.    

The University Health Center.    

Information Unit.  

The University Electronic